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We believe the optimal public engagement of urban space is to create the space and invite people to utilize them, immerse themselves in the experience, and provide user feedback.

Tactical urbanism, as a strategy, strives to transform the urban environment through small yet progressive design interventions. These temporary interventions leave a lasting impression in the memories of community members and can accumulate valuable data from actual users to support subsequent permanent projects.


User ratings, likes, and reviews on various social media platforms represent an ongoing form of social engagement for a Place. They constitute invaluable raw data for designers to understand the real need of the communities and extract meaningful insights. Such insights serves as robust support for decision-makers in making informed choices.


we love face-to-face conversations with community members. This allows the team to capture their enthusiasm, passion, unique perspectives, and concerns, as well as capture their nuances in verbal expression and body language.  In this collaborative process, community members co-create their future living space with the designer.

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